Ahmed Ali Riaz MalikAli Riaz Malik has successfully achieved a great position in the real estate industry in his own country Pakistan and he is also the Chief Executive Officer in Bahria Town. He is looking forward to reaching great heights over the next few years to come and he has gained great values and business presence from his father, Malik Riaz Hussain, who is also a real estate developer. He is known to have a great future sense in the real estate industry and he also believes in serving mankind. He runs several Dastarkhwans to serve the needy and he works hard to get his company to reach great heights.

Education and Career : He was born in Rawalpindi in 1978 and he has developed a keen interest in real estate development since his early days. He once visited Dubai and witnessed a lot of tall skyscrapers. From there, he got inspired to bring such development to his own country. He completed his school education in 1999 from Beacon House School. After completing his studies, he joined his family business and helped his father in different works. It goes without saying that he is one of the dynamic and rich personalities like his father who also ranks seventh among the richest businesses in Pakistan. He is also the founder and chairman of Bahria Town.

He literally reached the top in his journey and he started his business from the very beginning even after being the son of leading businessmen in the nation. He started as a procurement manager in the sales department and he got promotion as a project manager in the year 2005 with his efforts and hard work in the process. He really made a great presence in his journey and he handled a lot of leading projects in a few years. Ahmed Ali Riaz became the Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town with his great dedication and hard work. His complete knowledge and dedication have led the company to reach a height of US$1 billion marks in 2007.

Personal Life : Ali Riaz Malik is the son of Malik Riaz Hussain and he also has a sister. He was married in 2003 when he made a great presence in his family business. His wife, Mubashra Ali Malik belonged to a rich family owning Pakistan’s biggest sugar refineries. She handled all the philanthropic activities of Bahria Town. The company’s Dastarkhwans are some of its great contributions to mankind. She is involved in all his social efforts and playing a vital role in serving over 150,000 underprivileged residents with free meals two times a day.

Current Projects : Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has been the leading partner behind a lot of projects led by Bahria Town in recent days. He has lent his business presence and industry knowledge to every project under the flagship Bahria Town. He got the blueprint for the same approved under the agreement with leading businessman Thomas Kramer from the US in 2013. He is looking forward to developing further in Karachi City.

Bahria Town Projects

Bahria Town Lahore

The grand city of Lahore, where all the rich history and culture of Pakistan is been treasured for its historical monuments,

Bahria Town Rawalpindi

While the city is home to one of the most precious legacies of the Pakistani history and culture,

Bahria Town Karachi

Karachi, which is currently the capital city of sindh, was the first capital of Pakistan until 1959

Malik Riaz Hussain Activity

Water Supply in Bahria Town

Bahria Town CEO Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has said that Bahria Town is constructing two underground water tanks having a capacity of 400k gallons

Modern International Hospital Inaugurated in Bahria Town

A 120-bed state of the art Bahria Town International Hospital has been inaugurated in the Bahria Town, Karachi.

Bahria Paradise Gateway inaugurated

Karachi: Bahria Town Karachi on Friday unveiled its Paradise Gateway feature – the entrance to its much anticipated Paradise Villas project, a news source reported.

512 Victims of Sasta Bazar Fire

Bahria Town distributes cheques among 512 victims of Sasta Bazar fire

Bahria Town Inaugurates Fire Station

Bahria Town held an elegant opening ceremony of the newly-built Bahria Fire Station, says a press release.

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